Thursday, August 7, 2008

Casting video with Michael

Michael is casting with a break in the wrist that's common with many new casting students. The first video was recorded to show Michael how much his wrist was actually moving. He's using a Thumb-on-top grip. Unfortunately, I didn't think to record what the loop looked like. For the record, they were big, fat and hitting the ground.

The second video shows how a change in grip helped him improve the wrist action in his cast. When students are having trouble controlling the use of their wrist, I sometimes have them try Jason Borger's Three-Point Grip. Notice the extended index finger on the side of rod grip. This worked for Michael. Notice how his loops have improved. This gives us the opportunity to move on to other things, like power application and timing.

These two videos were taken on two separate occasions, about two weeks apart.